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Crown Your Celebration with a CAKE

Crown Your Celebration with a CAKE

Crown Your Celebration with a CAKE

Our Western Style cakes are made to order and are delivered to you fresh from the oven containing no preservatives or other additives - Ashyana Guarantee: 100% natural, 100% fresh and 100% scrumptious ingredients. The best is just about good enough for inclusion in our cakes. 

Choose whatever size cake fits your celebration (then probably double it because there's never enough cake, ever!) Small cakes - enough for 4-6 people, Medium for 8-12 and Large Cakes for parties over 12 or choose multiples of the smaller ones. The basic cake features either  Natural Balinese Vanilla or Chocolate flavoring we expect you to discuss with chef exactly how you want your cake to be or any special dietary needs you may have (such as gluten, sugar or dairy issues).

Have your Celebration/Party/Occasion at our restaurant and enjoy a 10% discount on your cake and 100% discount on the worry and work.

Please also remember we make excellent brown, nut and white breads, flaky croissants and wonderfully crusty French loaves to take home.

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