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Snorkeling, Fishing , Diving or Sailing Package

Snorkeling, Fishing , Diving or Sailing Package

Snorkeling and Lunch at Lezat Beach Restaurant

When you are in Candidasa we suggest that you may like to try snorkeling or fishing, whilst having lunch at Lezat Beach Restaurant. If you arrive early, you can take your time to snorkel first, then experience lunch at our sea view restaurant that serves fresh and organic food. If you would to spend more time with us, you can also relax at our pool, overlooking the ocean and enjoy a drink at our pool bar.

Spend a day in the sun whilst snorkeling, and then gently rock to the rhythm of the ocean as you float along, and become one with some of the most brilliant colored fish and coral Bali has to offer.  Once your appetite for the sea is satisfied, picture yourself basking in the sun on beautiful White Sand Beach, savoring the unique flavor of freshly caught fish.  The places we can offer in CandiDasa :

  • Snorkeling in GiliTepekong
  • Snorkeling in Blue Lagoon
  • Snorkeling in White Sand Beach


GiliTepekong is a small island, which is one of three small islands, near the island you can see very colorful coral and a lots of exotic tropical fish.  It is a great place for snorkeling in Candidasa, and it takes around 30 minutes to travel to in a traditional Balinese fisherman’s boat.


Blue Lagoon is the best place for snorkeling in the area, and it’s takes around 45 minutes by a traditional Balinese fisherman boat from Candidasa.  The place is in front of a mountain, so there is no current, and the depth is approx. 1½ metres.  Whilst snorkeling, you will experience a beautiful panorama under the ocean and enjoy swimming with the local sea life. We will supply some bread to feed the fish and after five minutes you will be surrounded by more than a hundred colorful species, the small fish was so friendly you can almost touch them with your hands!


The Virgin Beach is a beautiful unspoiled beach with azure blue, crystal clear water. It’s safe for both swimming and snorkeling and whilst there are no bungalows, this place is suitable for you to relax for the day.  The place is so quiet and the view takes in the natural beauty of the surrounding hillside. It takes approx. 30 minutes by a traditional Balinese fisherman boat  and just 10 minutes you can also take it by taxi or your own car from Candidasa.