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Balinese Blessing Ceremony

Balinese Blessing Ceremony

A Balinese Blessing Ceremony/Wedding Experience at Ashyana Candidasa Beach Resort and Spa & Le-Zat Beach Restaurant held on 9 November 2012 and many other couple been doing it too.

A Balinese Blessing Ceremony is a really religious wedding procession that Balinese people perform for their marriage.  The Balinese Blessing Ceremony is conducted by a Pemangku (female Hindu Priestess) in the traditional Balinese style, and you will assisted by young Balinese girls.

If this Ceremony is chosen, no documents are necessary and no certificate with be provided at the conclusion of the Ceremony, as it is a blessing, not a formal "marriage".  You will meet with a Hindu Priest prior to the Ceremony, who will explain the whole wedding process to you.  Couples can choose to dress in the Balinese costumes (included in the package), or if you prefer, you can provide your own western Wedding attire.

We will include a spectacular display of Balinese offerings, comprising of coconut leaves, fresh flowers & fruits and Balinese crackers, which will only enhance your experience, and each offering holds a special meaning.  During the Ceremony couples will pray for wonderful things, such as, health, safety, a bright future and of course love & happiness.

After the Ceremony, you will enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner by the beach at Le-Zat Beach Restaurant.  It will be a truly magical experience, and allow you to start exploring Bali which is a very spiritual place.  This Ceremony will be the start of your "real" relationship with Bali culture, it's people and of course each other.

Ashyana Candidasa means a real Balinese house and we provide Balinese style bungalows in a beautiful environment, friendly staff and a fantastic base for you to discover east Bali.

Below some photos during the ceremony Bali Wedding Photography: