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Balinese Cooking Classes

Balinese Cooking Classes

Balinese cooking and food preparation in the Balinese style is something that should not be missing from any holiday on the Island of the Gods.

Where the Gods live, the Gods also eat. Balinese Cooking Classes are held regularly at Le Zat and form an integral part of the Bali Experience that every holiday maker should take home with them - after the tan has faded and the sand is all washed out the best memories return around a portion of Ikan Pepes (Balinese fish baked in banana skins) or Bebek (duck) tutu. The best way to make this happen is to take part. 

The Total Balinese Cuisine Experience is breakfast, lunch and dinner preparation and can take an entire day but we think you will agree it is a day you (and your future guests) will never forget. For those that are less ambitious or simply with less time to spare we have made the classes into modules that our guests can build into their own personalized cooking class. 

For example:

Breakfast and Lunch - enjoy a Balinese breakfast of jaja bali cakes (in java called, jaja java) with Bali Kope (coffee) as you and Chef get to know each other. Then prepare lunch of, for instance, Ikan Pepes (baked fish) with Tipat Cantok (local vegetables such as eggplant or beans with coconut and peanut sauce - spicy). Start cooking and then off for a swim until finished at lunchtime then Selamat Makan! Time about 2 1/2 hours, classes start around 11am.

Afternoon Coffee and Dinner - Coffee or tea to go with a piece of cake as you and Chef get to know each other then prepare the evening meal, perhaps Lumpia (spring rolls) as starter followed by Sate Lilit (Fish with Balinese spicing) with all the sauces and vegetables to go with it. Then tuck in around 6:30pm - classes start around 4pm. 

Total Balinese Cuisine Experience - starts as the breakfast class but with the optional addition of a trip to the local market (8am) to shop with a visit to a farmers Kubu (balinese farmer's rice field storage house) for Bali kopi and Balinese market cakes. Lunch as with the Breakfast course. 

The evening speciality will be the preparation of Duck Tutu (smoked duck - cooking time 10 - 12 hours) for the evening meal. The afternoon break can be used to explore our Organic gardens and perhaps work up an appetite for that evening special by going for a swim or snorkelling. 

Class (start with market visit) at 8am or (without market visit) at 11am going until dinner is finished and all are full and happy. Selamat Malam (good night!).